Friday, September 30, 2005

Into Little Pieces

Moxiegrrrl is on the ball folks. She leaves the rest of us bloggers in the dust as far as finding the newest, coolest stuff on the web.

I, for one, am eternally grateful to the hot little patriot.

She pointed this out on her blog, and man does it hit like a ton of yellowcake.

I had never been to Bring It On before, but I will visit often now. I will also put them in my links when I am in a less lazy frame of mind.

One of these days, George.

One of these days.

Toe the Line

The idiot fringe over at LGF, which I monitor just to see how out of touch the right can be, pointed out an interesting story. So thank you to the poster children for birth control over there.

An imam slated to be sworn in Friday as the second Muslim chaplain in Fire Department history said he questioned whether 19 hijackers were responsible for the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and suggested a broader conspiracy may have brought down the Twin Towers and killed more than 2,700 people.

In a telephone interview Thursday, Imam Intikab Habib, 30, a native of Guyana who studied Islam in Saudi Arabia, said he doubted the United States government's official story blaming 19 hijackers associated with al-Quaida and Osama bin Laden.

"I as an individual don't know who did the attacks," said Habib, 30, a soft-spoken man who immigrated to New York in July 2000 after spending six years in Saudi Arabia getting a degree in Islamic theology and law. "There are so many conflicting reports about it. I don't believe it was 19 ... hijackers who did those attacks."

Asked to elaborate on his reasons for doubting that story, he talked about video and news reports widely disseminated in the Muslim community.

"I've heard professionals say that nowhere ever in history did a steel building come down with fire alone," he said. "It takes two or three weeks to demolish a building like that. But it was pulled down in a couple of hours. Was it 19 hijackers who brought it down, or was it a conspiracy?"

Questioned about who he believed was responsible for the attacks, Habib said he didn't know. He said, however, that he did not expect to raise his doubts with rank-and-file firefighters nor did he share them two weeks ago when he participated in several Sept. 11 memorials on behalf of the Fire department.

Shocked! Shocked they were over at Little Green Footsores to learn that someone would question the sacred orthodoxy that is the official 9/11 story. Never mind that the official story has enough holes in it to fly a 757 through, never mind that in a free country you should be able to speak your mind and question authority, oh no!

An imam slated to be sworn in today as the second Muslim chaplain in Fire Department history, instead resigned after making controversial remarks on the Sept. 11 attacks in an interview with Newsday. "The Fire Department this morning received the resignation of Imam Intikab Habib from his position of FDNY Chaplain,"said FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta. "Based on comments he made to Newsday, Imam Intikab Habib would have been unable to effectively serve in the role he was appointed to."

That should send a clear message. Question at your own risk.

And the champions of freedom and justice think this is just fine.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Preach It Brother!

Hunter from Daily Kos slides it between the ribs and twists.

This is the kind of response we've needed all along. What's that I smell? Blood in the water?

Oh yes.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Open Thread

Each comment in this open thread must include at least one profanity about Tom DeLay or a description of what his first night in the joint is going to be like with his cell mate, an IV drug-using former Hell's Angel named Bubbles who is serving time for raping three Rottweilers to death.

Everyone has to have a dream.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Line

The following is written for the purpose of debate. It in no way endorses illegal or violent action against the United States government.

It keeps occurring to me. How it is that tyranny has traditionally been dealt with by people of conscience.

, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--

In this document. The first and most sacred declaration of our republic, you find the words:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it.

There is no clearer mandate to freedom in any language on our planet. This great experiment, flawed from it's beginnings by the abomination of slavery and the genocide of the Native Peoples, still fires the imagination with what could be. To redraw this nation with these words in their true form with respect to all people.

Yet to even suggest the abolition of our current form of government is considered treason.


Certainly events have shown that our government no longer has the best interest of it's citizens in mind. Corporations run Washington and they remain hungry for the raw materials of our small and fragile world. Certainly the common man or woman on the street no longer has a say in the direction of our nation. You are quite lucky if your vote even gets counted in our elections.

A couple of questions:

Why is it that the government insists on keeping our system of national elections so complex and so complicated so as to make an actual accurate count of votes impossible?

Why is the United States the only modern industrial nation that does not provide healthcare to it's citizens?

Why do we, with our incredibly powerful Navy and Air Force capable of stopping any and all invasions of the continental United States or our allies, keep one of the largest and well-armed standing armies in the history of the world?

The answer to that one is simple. It's Military Tactics 101. To take and occupy territory requires ground troops, it's that simple. Our technology would allow us to defend ourselves against any threat, yet we need "boots on the ground" to enforce our will. This also known as enforcing our foreign policy.

Back to the question at hand.

When do you know it's time to resist by any means necessary?

Amendment VI to the Constitution reads:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

U.S. citizen Jose Padilla has been imprisoned without trial for over three years.

He's an "enemy combatant". Someday will you be an enmy combatant?

At what point is it the proper thing, no, the moral thing to violently resist your government?

Where is that line?

How many lives would be spared by altering or abolishing our current system of government?

Ask the people of Iraq if that's a crazy idea. Or the people of Iran. Or the people of Palestine currently being murdered with American weapons.

Ask the people of New Orleans, if you can find them, if they are ready to change the government.

If you could, would you ask the innocent dead where the line is?

What do you think they would say?

Basra Will Tell


I think the capture of the British soldiers in Basra may be the most revealing glimpse at exactly what the "War on Terror" really is.

I'm not the only one:

Early news reports from both the BBC and the Washington Post confirmed allegations that bomb-making material was discovered in the captured vehicle. The Post's Ellen Knickmeyer stated, "The Iraqi security officials on Monday variously accused two Britons they detained of shooting at Iraqi forces or TRYING TO PLANT EXPLOSIVES." (Washington Post, 9-20-05; "British Smash into Jail to Free Two Detained Soldiers) Neither the Post nor the BBC have printed retractions or clarifications on this story even though it has swept across the internet with a fury not seen since the Downing Street memo. In fact, this story is significantly more important. The entire war on terror is predicated on the belief that the murdering of innocent people cannot be rationalized. The incident in Basra puts all that into question.

The Chinese news service Xinhuanet reported that, "A police patrol followed the attackers and captured them to discover that they were two British soldiers. The soldiers were using a civilian car packed with explosives." (Xinhuanet 9-20-05) The same basic story appeared on Syrian and Turkish TV, and in other news reports in the Gulf States

The Washington Post's foreign office filed a similar report by Jonathan Finer stating that, "Monday's clashes stemmed from the arrest by Iraqi police on Sunday of two Britons, WHOM IRAQI POLICE ACCUSED OF PLANTING BOMBS".

And then there was this from Syrian correspondent in Baghdad Ziyad al-Munajjid:

"Many analysts and observers here had suspicions that the occupation was involved in some armed operations against civilians and places of worship and in the killing of scientists. But those were only suspicions that lacked proof. The proof came today through the arrest of the two British soldiers while they were planting explosives in one of the Basra streets. This proves, according to observers, that the occupation is not far from many operations that seek to sow sedition and maintain disorder, as this would give the occupation the justification to stay in Iraq for a longer period." Abdel al-Daraji, Muslim cleric in Baghdad told the UK Telegraph that "Britain was plotting to start an ethnic war by carrying out mass-casualty bombings targeting Shia civilians and then blaming the attacks on Sunni groups."

"Everyone knows the occupiers agenda, said al-Daraji. "Their intention is to keep Iraq an unstable battlefield so they can exploit their interests in Iraq."

Link to full article:

Now, add to this the fact that there has still not been a satisfactory explanation of the coincidental scheduling of attack drills in the exact same place and at the exact same time as the actual London bombings in July of this year.

I seriously try to keep a lid on the paranoia that the study of these things can cause, but shit, how many strange coincidences can I take?

The British SAS has been caught red handed in a false flag operation!

Where the hell is the outrage?

The only explanation for the silence and disinterest on these matters is that people just don't want to know.

And that's scarier than the actual events themselves.

Talking About the March

Wide open thread for all descriptions and discussion of the party in DC.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nice Try You Small-Minded Cowards

The right-wing blogs are going nuts trying to downplay the number of people at today's march in Washington.

They claim that the "liberal" media is lying to inflate the numbers. They claim that no one showed up.

How terrible to see them so afraid.

Click the pic to enlarge.

Sorry picture is so small, there seems to be a lack of overhead shots, which allows the chicken hawks to lie more convincingly.

Is God Gay?

Fafblog is one of the most off the wall and often entertaining blogs on the web. I don't get by there as often as I do my regular stops but I'm never disappointed.

This time Medium Lobster outdoes himself:

The falcon cannot hear the falconer,
the pink-dimmed tide is loosed -
and what gay beast, its hour come round at last,
minces cattily towards Bethlehem to be born?

A must-read if you're like me and love a good blasphemy.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Gosh, that doesn't look so bad

And So It Goes

The levee near the Ninth Ward of New Orleans has breached and the area is flooding.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bad Business In Basra

I've torn my eyes away from the weather porn saturating the television and I've noticed an odd little story out of the shining example of American can-do attitude that is Iraq.

According to the myriad of accounts seeping out of the democracy zone, two "undercover" British SAS operatives got into a gun battle with some Iraqi police officers who were trying to figure out why these two perfectly harmless white boys were tooling around town dressed in native garb with a trunk full assault rifles and an anti-tank weapon. One Iraqi officer was killed in the exchange.

As you have no doubt heard, the British section of the modern blitzkrieg responded by storming the local jail, knocking part of it down with their nifty tanks, and freed their comrades.

This of course begs the question." Why the hell were two members of Britain's elite SAS driving around disguised as locals carrying anti-tank weapons and a trunkfull of AK's?"

Last I heard the insurgent tank corps was destroyed by the incredibly patriotic Shock and Awe campaign in the opening days of freedom's march.

What's that you say? The insurgents never had any tanks? Then why would these fine upstanding Englishmen be driving around disguised as Iraqis with anti-tank weapons in their trunk? Aren't they afraid they might be mistaken for insurg..........


Never mind.


I must say thanks to the ever sarcastic Whatever It Is I'm Against It for pointing out the original stories to me.

Here are the links:,,7374-1790386,00.html

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pleased To Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name

Hi there. I'm Rita. I'm looking for the survivors of Katrina.

I suppose that's why it's free

Blogger won't let me upload images so I'll try to post again later.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Numbers Don't Lie


Paul Craig Roberts has the cold numbers :

The "cakewalk war" is now two and one-half years old. U.S. casualties (dead and wounded) number 20,000. As 20,000 is the number of Iraqi insurgents according to U.S. military commanders, each insurgent is responsible for one U.S. casualty.

U.S. troops in Iraq number about 150,000. Obviously, U.S. troops have not inflicted 150,000 casualties on the Iraqi insurgents. U.S. troops have perhaps inflicted 150,000 casualties on the Iraqi civilian population, primarily women and children who are the "collateral damage" of the "righteous" and "virtuous" U.S. invasion that is spreading civilian deaths all over Mesopotamia in the name of democracy

What could the U.S. have possibly done to give America a worse name than to invade Iraq and murder its citizens?
According to the Sept. 1 Manufacturing & Technology News, the Government Accounting Office has reported that over the course of the cakewalk war, the U.S. military's use of small caliber ammunition has risen to 1.8 billion rounds. Think about that number. If there are 20,000 insurgents, it means U.S. troops have fired 90,000 rounds at each insurgent.

Very few have been hit. We don't know how many. To avoid the analogy with Vietnam, until last week the U.S. military studiously avoided body counts. If 2,000 insurgents have been killed, each death required 900,000 rounds of ammunition.

The combination of U.S. government-owned ammo plants and those of U.S. commercial producers together cannot make bullets as fast as US troops are firing them. The Bush administration has had to turn to foreign producers such as Israel Military Industries. Think about that. Hollowed-out U.S. industry cannot produce enough ammunition to defeat a 20,000-man insurgency.

This is insanity.

The United States military is a terrorist organization, it's just that simple.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Among the ruins


Suheir Hammad and a friend are in New Orleans.

After and Before the Flood

September 16, 2005

If I ever forget what I have seen, I do not know if I will be a blessed
or a cursed woman.

I begin with what I brought with me. Loot. Clothes, money, napkins,
poetry books, nail polish,
vitamins, hope. These I left in Algiers, in the West Bank.

I brought a pretty pair of pajamas. That I left in Baton Rouge.

I brought with me an innocence I did not know I possessed, until I left
it in the toxic ravined streets
of New Orleans.

My homegirl Jacquie and I got into New Orleans yesterday. She had her
camera and I drove the car.
She’s never been to the Crescent City. She will never see what it was.
The Mayor’s press conference
announced that this was the first time in the history of the city that
it has been drug and crime free.
We listened to his speech during one of the long hours spent in the car
yesterday. Beware, he said,
those of you planning on returning to do no good. The city has police
even more invested in
protecting property. Army, National Guard, M16s, M4s, night vision,
and even bazookas, he
chuckled, for special people.

The smell is not human, though humanity did manufacture the chemicals
and structures that have
dissolved into nature, to create it.

Hurricane Katrina did not destroy this city or her poor. Human
planning and human response did.

The streets of New Orleans are peppered with so many military vehicles,
it appears a film. The 9th
ward, which has just been drained of its flood, is empty of its people
and heavy with menacing air.
The cars that had been underwater are parked, salted. I drove the
streets I’d walked down, and knew
what hell would look like. What it would smell like. Hell is not just
fire, it is water as well.

People lived here and made love here and fought here and ate here and
slept here and birthed here
and built here and whispered here and cried here and danced here and
danced here and danced here
and died here and finally they fled here.

It will take me moons and cycles to begin to craft the language I need
to transform these words, and
myself, into something more than a simple reflection.

Jacquie, Jordan and I then entered the River Center in Baton Rouge to
talk with evacuees/refugees/

I am a poet. I entered through an exit. I brought with me my ancestry
and the knowledge that
displacement happens internally and externally. Within countries.
Within bodies.

The River Center has several shelters set up within it. The one I
entered did not allow cameras. We
weren’t allowed in at all, actually. We said we were press. We were
pressed. An evacuee outside,
watching a TV set up by TV people, said, just tell them you live here.
You don’t really need no wrist
band. I followed her lead.

The lights are bright. The noise a constant din. A loudspeaker
announces things no one
understands. People are set up by exits, by communal televisions.
Girls are placed in the center of
groups of tired adults. There are sick people. There are women who
are trading what they have for
extra food and blankets.

I am a poet, I said to the Haitian woman folding and refolding her
clothes. A classmate had molested
her eight-year-old daughter on the school bus earlier in the day. I
asked the pretty brown girl with
six braids blooming out of her head if she screamed. I don’t know how
to scream, she said. A
woman has to know how to scream, I told her. Her mother nodded. The
father is still in Algiers. I
asked if they’d heard the Mayor’s announcement early yesterday that
Algiers would be open on
Monday. Oh, thank you, thank god.

A Red Cross worker came over to our huddle. The boy who wouldn’t stop
touching the girl would be
put on a different bus. He and his family are still in the shelter.
What is your name again, she asked
the mother. I told you my name so many times, she gritted creole.

A three year old girl with cavitied teeth and a runny nose took my
hand. Kamani. Her mother was
folding and refolding her clothes. Her thirteen-year-old sister taught
me a game of cards with me
called Pitty Pat. The family is from Jefferson Parish. Twenty of
their neighbors had paid a Red Cross
person to drive a bus over to the parish. They left her and her three
kids behind. I asked what
happened, were they late, was there no room? I don’t know, I just want
to go home. She cried so
easy. Like curtains gathered back to view a storm. Kamani is by her
mother’s leg, rubbing it with no
words. This girl looks into me and I give her some of my soul
willingly, all the while she is rubbing
her mother’s leg. They have been here for two weeks.

I leave with Kamani a pretty yellow luggage tag shaped like a chick.
Andrew had gifted it to me
before I left. I tell her to write her name in the lines, and her
address, and attach it to her things
now, so when she goes home it can look official.

Next to this family is another one. Next to that one is another one.
Next to this one is that one.

There are pregnant women in here. One, from Honduras, is due in a
week. Her belly is pressing
against her shirt as if to breathe. She has been here since August 31.
My sister is pregnant, I tell
her. How many months? One. She says the baby is the size of a rice
in the sonogram. We laugh.
People are so relieved to laugh, it is painful.

Mrs. and Mr. Brown never thought they would ever be in a shelter. He
is 82 years old. She gently
warns him to not say her age, then says she is a few years behind him.
Black don’t crack and brown
don’t frown, I say to them. This laugh is a surprise. I was born and
reared in New Orleans, she says.
I left my car parked in the street, I thought I’d be back. Her home of
thirty-seven years is in Mid-
City. I never thought I’d ever be in a shelter.

Trina is scrubbing her white Nike sneakers, her hair half braided, her
lip-gloss thick, when I ask her
if I can sit down. She finally tracked down her two children last
week. Girl, I am fine, now. Around
her are diapers and bottles, which she brought with her thinking her
kids would be close by. They
are in North Carolina with her mother, and she is fine now.

There is every age here. Every hunger. There is no privacy. The
showers are outside in tents and
they are no more than 5 minutes long, from walking in with your clothes
on, to walking out into the
street. There are monitors who shout down the seconds so no one takes
longer than the allotted
time. There are three or four people in there at a time.

There is a cough in the shelter I have never heard before. It escapes
the mouths of children as if the
earth is shifting inside of them.

Willis is dressed fly. Of course he is from Brooklyn. Of course he
got game and wants to pick me up.
Then he begins to talk about the flood. Then he begins to say, very
carefully, know what I mean,
there is something more than storm that killed folk. Know what I mean.
We could see water so high
right here in one section, know what I mean, and right there, where the
other income folk live, know
what I mean, it was dry as nothing. Know what I mean?

Everyone I spoke to believes the levies were not destroyed by the

No one I spoke to had heard any of the Mayor’s comments about the
reconstruction of the city. No
one within the shelter was watching the President’s news conference.
Outside, where folks smoke
and breathe, a few gathered around the TVs the TV people had set up.
They laughed when he talked
about Jazz Funerals and New Orleans culture.

Cher is 32 years old and her husband wants to move them to Dallas,
where he can get a job. She has
two children and they need stability, she said. It makes sense. I
don’t know how anyone could leave
New Orleans, I told her. Then her face and heart opened. I don’t want
to go, she whispered. Girl, I
know. My people are Palestinians, I told her. Once you leave, you
won’t be allowed back. She
knows. She knows.

The rest of the stories will have to be told in poems. The rest of the
voices will have to speak to me
over and again in my sleep. I will fold and refold these visions in my
mind until I can place them in a
corner where they will not be forgotten. Right now, I see nothing

After the streets of New Orleans and the aisles of the shelter, I feel
as if I have never danced. As if I
have never been touched. As if I will never be touched again. If I am
ever touched again, who will be
able to secure this levy? Who will catch this flood? What will grow
from this water?


Thanks to Brian for pointing this one out.

Go to Google and search the word "failure".

Check out the first entry.

Military Morons


A must read from Unfairwitness :

I'm just sick of the macho posturing. Yes, you have a big gun and you're not afraid to use it and you're the best in the world blah blah fucking blah.

I'm not impressed. It doesn't take guts to be violent toward helpless people. It's not brave or courageous to let someone else do the thinking for you and order you around.

Every time our military has to stand and fight in Iraq they get their asses handed to them by a bunch of guys in sandals with RPG's in one hand and a Koran in the other. The "best in the world" can't function without overwhelming air support and artillery and even then they can't secure the areas they capture.

It sounds to me like they were intimidated by a few armed civilians in the convention center. They had to wait for massive reinforcement before they could "take down" the place.

"Take down" the convention center. How ridiculous can you get?

I'm sick of the hero worship heaped upon the military and it's macho bullshit attitude.

You want to impress me? Stand up to all those illegal orders coming your way, save some lives, help people, build something, but don't expect us to swoon at the sound of your empty bragging.

They sound like a bunch of little kids who never grew up.

Two from UT

Art by B

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I want art.

I want music, drawings, paintings, poems, essays, doodles, photos, anything.

Send me anti-war, anti-Bush, pro-peace, blasphemous, sexy, funny, angry, weird art.

Even digital photos that make statements. Children's drawings calling Republicans poopy heads.

E-mail it to me and I'll put it in the blog. Don't be shy. No sincere submissions will be turned down.

It can be anonymous if you like, just let me know if you prefer it that way.

Send me art!
"Can't.... hold it ........ much ..........longer!"

Friday, September 16, 2005


Better Late Than Never

Many of you here have been screaming to the heavens for years now that the Bush administration was starting to bear a striking resemblance to the Third Reich. Our good friend JMF has been insulted many times in many forums for being one of the most adamant proponents of this view.

We all know it's true but now it seems more mainstream and well known experts are beginning to connect the dots :

Is this the face that the American people want to present to the world? It is hard to imagine a greater risk to America than to put the entire world on notice that every country risks being nuked based on mere suspicion. By making nuclear war permissible, the Bush administration is crossing the line that divides civilized people from barbarians. The United States is starting to acquire the image of Nazi Germany. Knowledgeable people should have no trouble drawing up their own list of elements common to both the Bush and Hitler regimes: the use of extraordinary lies to justify military aggression; reliance on coercion and threats in place of diplomacy; total belief in the virtue and righteousness of one’s cause; the equating of factual objections or "reality-based" analysis to treason; the redirection of patriotism from country to leader; the belief that defeat resides in debate and a weakening of will; refuge in delusion and denial when promised results don’t materialize.

Read all of Paul Craig Roberts' article here:

A great and overdue bravo to all of you voices crying out in the wilderness for so long.

You are the true patriots.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A question for the panel

Here's one that's been troubling me:

Has there ever, in the history of the world, been a government that was established and maintained for, by, and of it's citizens? One that just didn't wind up a corrupt lake of scum?

I'm not talking perfect government, but just what forms were some of the best?

I can damn well call my office the Fortress of Solitude if I feel like it!

Hello friends and neighbors. In the academic world, you can just sit around not showering, eating junk, grinning insanely while sending your little men on the computer screen to the enemy's castle and rape his fields while pillaging his women and they call it a sabbatical.

In the real world it's called goofing off, and if you do it for long enough they call it a nervous breakdown.

If you spend a lot of money while doing it and wind up with a Corvette and a girlfriend who wasn't even born when you were listening to Under A Blood Red Sky for the 764th time and wondering why oh why you had the misfortune to be born in America and not in the auld country, they call it a mid-life crisis and laugh at you.

I am not an academic and I hate Corvettes, so I've been goofing off.

No, I've been hanging out with little Marcus and watching him enjoy the world around him. It really is magical. He likes carrots. Lots of carrots. NOW!

I've been keeping up though.

John Roberts can dance dance dance with the best of them. Stop asking him questions! Or he'll use more terrible baseball analogies.

Large numbers of people are joyfully murdering each other in Iraq, and yes, it's still our fault.

My beloved Palestinians didn't do themselves any favors on the PR front by burning the Gaza synagogues. I do understand, but damn!

Maybe a new war by next spring! Syria or Iran. Place your bets. I think Duhbya going to surprise us all and bomb Japan for nearly killin his daddy during World War Two. Oh the suffering that could have been prevented.

Britney Spears had a baby boy, so there is hope for the world.

New Orleans seems to be coming along fine. I'm very glad we were all wrong about the predictions of the death toll. The scale of it is still hard to grasp.

I'm still here scheming and planning in my lair, fueled by paranoia, too much caffeine, and bags and bags of trail mix.

Glad to see you all here. Please tip the waiters and be careful while dancing on the tables.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Four Years


I couldn't let the anniversary of this horrible day of horrible days pass by unremarked.

Yet I seem empty of things to say.

Yes, the images are still haunting. Yes, the feeling of unreality when I see those buildings fall is still there. Yes, I still feel like crying when I see images of those pitiful people clutching pictures of the missing and the terrible stunned knowledge in their eyes.

But these things feel like someone else's emotions. Like the past four years have robbed bright and vibrant pictures of their color.

So many horrors have I witnessed from afar since that sunny day filled with black smoke.

Palestinian children gunned down for sport. Little girls in their school uniforms killed by precise shots from Israeli snipers as they sit in their classrooms.

Tens of thousands of dead Iraqis and Afghan civilians. We don't even bother to count the people our bombs "accidentally" kill. Tens of thousands of our fellow humans.


The gleeful destruction of Fallujah. A modern war crime every bit as calculated and evil as anything the Nazis ever conceived.

Of course the entire Iraq misadventure has always felt like Poland in 1939. I feel cursed by a knowledge of history. It was much easier when I could just revel in my ignorant support of the government because"we're America" and we are therefore pure and blameless. Ignorance is bliss and I had many years of bliss.

Now the terror and shame of Katrina. Many people are thanking God for saving them from the floods, not thinking very hard about the fact that "God" sent the damn flood in the first place and is responsible for all this death and suffering, if you follow that line of thought to it's logical conclusion.

We are a world driven mad by our religions. Carl Sagan called Earth a demon-haunted world.

He was so right.

Maybe that's the lesson I can reflect on this day.

Faith kills. Absolute faith kills absolutely, unquestioning faith kills unquestioningly, blind faith....

You get the point.

I suppose I had something to say after all. Or maybe not.

Words should fail when confronted by the past four years, nothing in any language on Earth should be able to convey the neglect and contempt we have shown our fellow humans.

I wish you all great peace on this day.

But not bliss.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Side Effects May Include A Four Hour Exploding Erection

The Christian Coalition Won't Return My Calls

Hello all.

I've learned a thing or two about organizing revolutionary movements this past week.

1. I know absolutely nothing about such things.

2. Every idea I seem to come up with requires money.

3. Despite the wonders of the Internet, having all of our members in separate cities and countries makes organizing a bake sale virtually impossible.

So ha ha, I'm trying a couple of far-fetched ideas.

I've written to the Open Society Institute, one of George Soros' organizations, and I've also written to him personally.

Yeah, I know, but what the hell?

It's occurred to me over the past few days that maybe our goals are a bit out of reach for a small group of dreamers.

But then the voices in my head say "if you gonna dream, dream big".

I've been on the periphery of several organizations whose attempts to change the world have failed miserably.

I've learned from watching other's mistakes.

There was always an overwhelming energy and optimism but they sucked at planning. A study of history and warfare, and yes I've studied both, tells us that the battle is often won or lost way before the first shot is fired. Fate and chance can turn the tide but most often in war superior planning and preparation kick the crap out of luck.

So I promise this to you, you wacky few who have pledged themselves to Green September, when we move it will be with precision and confidence. I do not plan to waste our time and efforts on silly gestures that may make us all feel better but accomplish no positive change.

Have patience, have hope.

All cards are marked and all things will collide.

Many Trails of Tears

Our good friend Again asked a question in the comments section and it caught my eye. It's a question that's always been near and dear to me:

can you imagine, where humankind would be, if we had NOT re-invented alphas like the king and the pope/khomeinis, vampiring the strength of others? If we had used our brain and work not to make Pharao rich, not to invent the Inquisition, but to spent it on education and science?

Where would we be if the Library of Alexandria wasn't destroyed? If the sacred groves hadn't been burned and the memory of an entire land murdered with the deaths of the Druids?

Where would we be if we had listened to the words of the original inhabitants of America? Theirs was a true"culture of life".

It's an insult to the memory of their culture that all these years later we call them Native Americans.

It's really easy to honor the memory of the victims of your genocide years after the fact. Stopping the crime while it's occurring is more difficult.

Just ask the Palestinians.

How much knowledge? How many peaceful views of the world wiped out under the crushing boot of progress?

The names of countless tribes and peoples stretches back through the the centuries in a pitiful and wrenching procession, and yet we still do not see and we do not learn.

Does the world cry out for revolution?

Or does it cry out for a better way to forget what we have done?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Damn, Americans Are Stupid

How in the world do you explain these numbers :

Respondents also disagreed widely on who is to blame for the problems in the city following the hurricane -- 13 percent said Bush, 18 percent said federal agencies, 25 percent blamed state or local officials and 38 percent said no one is to blame. And 63 percent said they do not believe anyone at federal agencies responsible for handling emergencies should be fired as a result.

Let me run that one by you again.

13 percent blame Bush.

Bush the guy that appointed a goddamned horse lawyer who was fired from his last job for incompetence as director of FEMA.

38 percent say no one is to blame.

38 percent say no one is to blame.

38 percent say no one is to blame!!!!

63 percent say no one should be fired for the biggest fuckup in American history!!

People died because of the mistakes that were made!

OH MY GOD!!!!!

The corpses of American citizens are being eaten by dogs in the street while the nation's leader vacations, and thousands of our citizens are locked down in oversized Thunderdomes.

What the hell is it going to take to cut through the cloak of absolute idiocy that the majority of Americans have thrown over themselves?

The media that seemed for a bright shining moment to grow a brain and a spine, are now back to kissing Bush's ass. You can hear the shift in tone as clearly as you could hear the anger last week.

Fuck it! America isn't worth saving. Maybe Green September should be about founding our own nation.

Update: Don't fret dear friends. I'm not getting discouraged, I'm just geting angrier.

The Dangerous and Pissed Off Kind

Cindy Sheehan has not gone away. She asks What Kind of Extremist Will You Be?.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A New One From Suheir

Just got this one in my e-mail. It shows what a genius this special young woman is.

a prayer band

every thing

you ever paid for
you ever worked on
you ever received

every thing

you ever gave away
you ever held on to
you ever forgot about

every single thing is one
of every single thing and all
things are gone

every thing i can think to do
to say i feel
is buoyant

every thing is below water
every thing is eroding
every thing is hungry

there is no thing to eat
there is water every where
and there is no thing clean to drink

the children aren’t talking

the nurses have stopped believing
anyone is coming for us

the parish fire chief will never again tell anyone that help is coming

now is the time of rags
now is the indigo of loss
now is the need for cavalry

new orleans
i fell in love with your fine ass poor boys sweating frying
catfish blackened life thick women
glossy seasoning bourbon indians beads grit history of
and losers who still won

new orleans
i dreamt of living lush within your shuttered eyes
a closet of yellow dresses a breeze on my neck
writing poems for do right men and a daughter of refugees

i have known of displacement
and the tides pulling every thing
that could not be carried within
and some of that too

a jamaican man sings
those who can afford to run will run
what about those who can’t
they will have to stay

end of the month tropical depression turned storm

someone whose beloved has drowned
knows what water can do
what water will do to once animated things

a new orleans man pleads
we have to steal from each other to eat
another gun in hand says we will protect what we have
what belongs to us

i have known of fleeing desperate
with children on hips in arms on backs
of house keys strung on necks
of water weighed shoes
disintegrated official papers
leases certificates births deaths taxes

i have known of high ways which lead nowhere
of aches in teeth in heads in hands tied

i have known of women raped by strangers by neighbors
of a hunger in human

i have known of promises to return
to where you come from
but first any bus going any where

tonight the tigris and the mississippi moan
for each other as sisters
full of unnatural things
flooded with predators and prayers

all language bankrupt

how long before hope begins to eat itself?
how many flags must be waved?
when does a man let go of his wife’s hand in order to hold his child?

who says this is not the america they know?

what america do they know?

were the poor people so poor they could not be seen?

were the black people so many they could not be counted?

this is not a charge
this is a conviction

if death levels us all
then life plays favorites

and life it seems is constructed
of budgets contracts deployments of wards
and automobiles of superstition and tourism
and gasoline but mostly insurance

and insurance it seems is only bought
and only with what cannot be carried within
and some of that too

a city of slave bricked streets
a city of chapel rooms
a city of haints

a crescent city

where will the jazz funeral be held?

when will the children talk?

tonight it is the dead
and dying who are left
and those who would rather not
promise themselves they will return

they will be there
after everything is gone
and when the saints come
marching like spring
to save us all

suheir hammad

Help the Wee Ones

Here is a link to a site trying to reunite kids with their parents.

These kids have seen way more than they should.

Pass this link along.

Clarity, Or Something Like It

I'm sorry the rapid shift has caught everyone off guard. New blog name, new me name, all a bit odd and abrupt.

For years now I have been content to exist anonymously in the shadows, writing and talking but never really getting any kind of involved.

Being off my feet for most of the past week has given me quite an opportunity to see more New Orleans coverage than any sane human would want, and it's given me time to really think.
I was watching Nightline late one night and I saw interviews with the staff of one of the few functioning hospitals. Surrounded by floodwater with no electricity and dwindling supplies these brave doctors and nurses were trying to save what patients they could. After receiving word that help was on the way they were told to bring their critical care patients to the roof to await evacuation by helicopter.

The helicopters never came.

Several people died there on that roof. There was simply nothing left to keep them alive with. They were out of drugs and oxygen and all the staff could do was watch these people suffer and die. I will never get the faces of those nurses out of my head.

Something snapped. It had been building for years now. The incompetence and whitewashing of 9/11, the war in Iraq including the devastation of Fallujah by a large scale bombing campaign, the lies, the arrogance and the disregard for innocent lives were the building blocks for the rage that spilled over in the face of the horrible and criminal neglect of New Orleans.

Enough is fucking enough!

I spent a feverish night dreaming of things best not remembered and I awoke early the next day with Green September fully formed in my head.

We are a revolutionary and resistance group. I intend for our organization to remain within the bounds of the law and to avoid violence if it is at all possible. I'll play by the rules if they will.

But we will have results, I can assure you of that.

As for the personal aspect. I have a family, a wife and a child that I want to be safe from harm. That's the main reason I have not emerged from the crowd until now.

Because, my friends, the stakes are far too high and the time is right to a radical approach to change. There simply comes a time when you have to take a chance and do what is right no matter what the cost.

I'm deadly serious about Green September. I am not a starry-eyed college student or an egomaniac seeking publicity. I am a very angry man who is ready to do whatever it takes to restore our country and our world to some form of justice.

When I was searching for an internet alias, my wife and I had just agreed on a name for our child.

Marcus. Marcus Keef.


You guys can all call me Robert. I'm sorry for not clearing that up sooner.

Remember, if you wish to join Green September, I need your personal contact information E-mailed to

Still working on ideas for banners for blogs and such and will be in touch with you about what we are doing to get the ball rolling.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Is It Time?

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.


I'm somewhat back from the land of the not-so-living. You may notice changes to the page here and there. I'm trying to find a template that suits my needs. So please bear with me. I will have links to other blogs and my small archive in their rightful place soon. Thank you all for you words of concern and your continued visits and participation.

Back to work.

Down, Not Out

Hey I didn't run and hide during this oh so crucial time. I've developed one sumbitch of an upper respiratory infection and I am mostly crashed in the bed in a semi-conscious state. I will be back broadcasting as soon the Nyquil wears off and the bats and monkeys stop flying around my head.

If anybody wants to post a topic or three, go for it.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hold Him! I'm Next!

Still wearing Anderson Cooper's teeth marks, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana threatened today to punch George W. Bush:

Sen. Mary Landrieu threatened the president of the United States with physical violence on Sunday, saying that if he or any other government official criticizes New Orleans police for failing to keep civil order in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - "I might likely have to punch him - literally."

"If one person criticizes [our sheriffs], or says one more thing, including the president of the United States, he will hear from me - one more word about it after this show airs and I - I might likely have to punch him - literally," Landrieu railed on "ABC's "This Week."


BREAKING NEWS :According to a 5:00 p.m. CNN report, troops in New Orleans have shot and killed 6 "looters" in one incident.

Update: The AP reports that the 6 people shot by New Orleans police or US military troops, details are still sketchy, were members Army Corps of Enigineers.

Great, just great.


This is a list of policies and actions that Green September supports. This is simply the first draft to give everyone an idea where we're coming from. It is far from complete.

Green September supports:

Basic human rights for all people.

Respect for all people regardless of religion, sex, orientation, race or nationality.

Freedom of religion.

Freedom of speech.

Freedom of the press.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America.

A dramatic increase in the minimum wage.

Universal health care.

A review and restructuring of the tax laws of the United States of America.

An educational system free of religious dogma.

A limit to corporate influence in government.

The removal of money as a requirement for public service.

The removal of the tax-exempt status of all religious organizations in the United States of America.

An end to capital punishment.

An independent international investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.

The right of all people to resist injustice at the hands of the powerful by whatever means are appropriate to the situation.

An end to the doctrine of pre-emptive warfare.

The prosecution, in the International Criminal Court, of anyone participating in the planning or execution of aggressive warfare as defined by the charter of the United Nations.

An end to the illegal American occupation of Iraq.

The withdrawal of all American troops from the Middle East.

The withdrawal of all Israeli troops from the West Bank, and a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the shared capital of Israel and Palestine.

An investigation into all American and foreign contractors operating in the nation of Iraq and an audit and review of their business practices.

A review, audit, and strict monitoring of the policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Statement of Intent

This is a statement of intent. Now is a time of organization. As concrete goals present themselves and Green September takes shape, plans will be spelled out here in more detail.

The protection, dignity, and growth of humanity is our goal.

It is a simple statement but it carries with it the force and knowledge of history. Our painful mistakes and our greatest triumphs. The way of politics and governance have left behind far too many for the elevation of a comfortable few.

Our goal is to end business as usual.

We are the end of one era and the beginning of another.

We are night falling.

We are the new dawn.

We are Green September

We are a grass roots organization of people from all over the world working for change. We are Democrats and Republicans, anarchists and conservatives, Christians and communists. We discriminate against none who uphold the fundamental principle that all people are equal and we embrace and offer peace to all who thirst for justice.

Green September will work in public and in private to support ideas and causes which further freedom, justice and dignity for human beings everywhere.

We will support candidates for office who wish to bring a change to the governments of the world.

We will eventually become a political force with our own candidates for various offices.

We will join with other groups to protest injustice, intolerance and war and to work with all that we have in our hearts and minds to end these plagues that have wounded humanity for so long.

It is no less than revolution that we desire. Peaceful revolution to put an end to greed and discrimination in the governments of the world.

Many have tried in the past to bring about such change with varying degrees of success. We are the same and yet we are different.

We stand at a crossroads. The events of September 11, the war in Iraq, and the shameful failures in New Orleans have torn down the carefully crafted facade that has so long separated the classes in the United States and the rest of the world.
Our governments pay lip service to human rights and and the basic needs of all people yet our deeds have always fallen short of our words.

On this day, September 4, 2005, business as usual in government is at an end.

If you have ever felt frustration at your government's inability and callous attitude toward those that do not have fortunes with which to purchase influence, welcome to Green September.

If you are tired of seeing good and honest people suffer while the criminals and corrupt flourish, welcome to Green September.

Using the incredible tools of technology, the courage in our hearts and methods honest yet often unorthodox, we will make a change to the political landscapes of the world.

We are the youth of the world. We are the wise grandmothers and grandfathers. We are the faces in the black bloc and the ballot box. We have families to protect and dreams to be realized.

We have revolution in our minds and peace in our hearts. The anger of generations of injustice has tempered our resolve and we are now released into the world to carve out change with our bare hands.

The Revolution is not at a time to be determined.

The Revolution is not tomorrow.

The Revolution is now.

Hitting the Ground Running

Everyone can write or blog about this as you see fit and anything is greatly appreciated. I'm sorry goals and methods are highly obscure right now but I am working on a manifesto/statement of principles as quickly as I can.

Anyone wishing to officially be a part of Green September which really boils down to me saying "hey, you're in" (sorry I will tap you all with swords on the shoulder and head when we all meet face to face) please send me a a private E--mail with a name and contact information to Everyone's privacy will be respected but I need to know who who I am working with. ANYONE is encouraged to spread the word however they wish without officially "joining up". I will have more information for you as soon as I can.

If you are a member of Green September and you wish to put this on your blog, simply put text somewhere reading "Part of Green September".

I will have official graphics and symbols as soon as possible.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dear Santa.....

I need :

1. Anyone with experience in politics and the nuts and bolts of how to organize political parties of the grass-roots variety.

2.Anyone with contacts in the world of politics and the media.

3. Anyone with large or small amounts of money who are sick and damn tired of seeing the dishonest and greedy control the course of our nation.

4. Anyone with legal experience. Lawyers, paralegals, criminals, etc.... Seriously, I want to do this right.

5. Ideas both great and small.

Anyone with any of these somewhat vague qualifications or talents, pleases get in touch.

I do not discriminate. From anywhere in the world, male, female, gay, straight, socialist, communist, Republican, Democrat, Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, members of the 700 Club, I don't really care. If you are fed up with the control of our nation being in the hands of the unqualified, moneyed few, please join me.

Though the Heavens Fall

Hello my friends. Sorry I haven't said much since the first mad burst of alleged creativity.

Yes my name is Robert Keef. I live in Tennessee. For the past 11 years I have worked as a Developmental Therapist with special needs adults. Before that I worked with inner-city teens with the YMCA. Going back before that is a rather checkered and adventurous past that isn't really important now.

I have thrown off my carefully guarded anonymity (I always posted here and other places as MK) because it is time for people of conscience to step forward.

Green September is intended to be a peaceful revolution. Nothing less than a revolution in the leadership of America and a change in the way Americans treat each other and the rest of the world. It is political, social, and anything else that may help bring about positive change.

I'm not exactly sure how to get started doing this. I'm looking at all options right now. Any suggestions are welcome. I will have more as I make it up. Right now it is all planning stage chaos.

If anyone would like to contact me privately about Green September you can at You can post any and all ideas on the Green September blog if you like. This is an open forum for anyone who wants to be a part. For more information, until I get all this posted, look for clues on the goals and intent in my writings here and at

I intend for this to be an open and honest movement. I need open and honest people to help and give ideas. Sooner or later I will begin to get into the money situation as projects become more fleshed out. I assure you that any and all donations will go 100% toward the goals of Green September. The books will be open and available for anyone to see. I have no agenda but this peaceful revolution. The idea of dealing with money gives me hives just thinking about it, but if that's what it takes, fine.

Someone said to me once, a hero is someone who does what they can to help.

My heart and soul tell me to do this. To try and make a difference in a world that seems only concerned with wealth and power. I'm sappy and starry-eyed and probably getting in over my head, but I'm honest and I'm not afraid of the dark.

And I believe.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Our leaders have failed us. It is is time to begin a new chapter in the book of days. I, Robert Keef, intend to found a new political movement. A movement based on common humanity and need rather than blind progress. A movement based on human rights instead of ideology. I believe we stand at the crossroads this day. We have seen the failure of leadership and poisonous foreign policy that have led to the horrors of September 11, 2001, and the bloody wars of choice that have come after and we now see the callous disregard with which the government treats it's citizens on the devastated Gulf Coast.

I believe we can do better.

We will use these unprecedented events as a catalyst for change. We will turn the rage and fear to hope and strength.

We will be a political movement. An activist movement, and whatever else I can think of to help build a better and and more sane society.

You, reading this right now, are the people I need. Don't worry, I don't know how to do any of this either. I just refuse to watch children die on the streets of my country for lack of a drink of water while business continues as usual.

If that kind of thing makes you angry, congratulations, you just joined Green September.

I need all the help I can get. Tell anyone you can. Start thinking of creative and dangerous ideas.
I have no money, no organization, and no experience at this.

I only have passion and a name.

Green September

If Not Now, When?

"On The Turning Away"

On the turning away
From the pale and downtrodden
And the words they say
Which we won't understand
"Don't accept that what's happening
Is just a case of others' suffering
Or you'll find that you're joining in
The turning away"
It's a sin that somehow
Light is changing to shadow
And casting it's shroud
Over all we have known
Unaware how the ranks have grown
Driven on by a heart of stone
We could find that we're all alone
In the dream of the proud
On the wings of the night
As the daytime is stirring
Where the speechless unite
In a silent accord
Using words you will find are strange
And mesmerised as they light the flame
Feel the new wind of change
On the wings of the night
No more turning away
From the weak and the weary
No more turning away
From the coldness inside
Just a world that we all must share
It's not enough just to stand and stare
Is it only a dream that there'll be
No more turning away?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Anderson Cooper : A True Journalist

I've got a new hero. While all the talking heads rattle on and on, and people keep dying while relief choppers fly overhead, Anderson Cooper got pissed.

Interviewing Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana during Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, Cooper, who has spent several days now on the ground in Louisiana, questioned Landrieu about the slow response of emergency aid at the hardest hit areas:

COOPER: Joining me from Baton Rouge is Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Senator, appreciate you joining us tonight. Does the federal government bear responsibility for what is happening now? Should they apologize for what is happening now?

SEN. MARY LANDRIEU (D), LOUISIANA: Anderson, there will be plenty of time to discuss all of those issues, about why, and how, and what, and if. But, Anderson, as you understand, and all of the producers and directors of CNN, and the news networks, this situation is very serious and it's going to demand all of our full attention through the hours, through the nights, through the days.
Let me just say a few things. Thank President Clinton and former President Bush for their strong statements of support and comfort today. I thank all the leaders that are coming to Louisiana, and Mississippi, and Alabama to our help and rescue. We are grateful for the military assets that are being brought to bear. I want to thank Senator Frist and Senator Reid for their extraordinary efforts. Anderson, tonight, I don't know if you've heard -- maybe you all have announced it -- but Congress is going to an unprecedented session to pass a $10 billion supplemental bill tonight to keep FEMA and the Red Cross up and operating.

Landrieu was smiling, perfectly couiffed, safe, and dry and had an air of almost disgusting calm considering all of the hell breaking loose in her state. Cooper, looking as if he had just spent three days walking in the Bataan Death March, cut her off at the knees and never stopped punching:

COOPER: Excuse me, Senator, I'm sorry for interrupting. I haven't heard that, because, for the last four days, I've been seeing dead bodies in the streets here in Mississippi. And to listen to politicians thanking each other and complimenting each other, you know, I got to tell you, there are a lot of people here who are very upset, and very angry, and very frustrated. And when they hear politicians slap -- you know, thanking one another, it just, you know, it kind of cuts them the wrong way right now, because literally there was a body on the streets of this town yesterday being eaten by rats because this woman had been laying in the street for 48 hours. And there's not enough facilities to take her up. Do you get the anger that is out here?

LANDRIEU: Anderson, I have the anger inside of me. Most of the homes in my family have been destroyed. Our homes have been destroyed. I understand what you're saying, and I know all of those details. And the president of the United States knows those details.

COOPER: Well, who are you angry at?

LANDRIEU: I'm not angry at anyone. I'm just expressing that it is so important for everyone in this nation to pull together, for all military assets and all assets to be brought to bare in this situation.
And I have every confidence that this country is as great and as strong as we can be do to that. And that effort is under way.

COOPER: Well, I mean, there are a lot of people here who are kind of ashamed of what is happening in this country right now, what is -- ashamed of what is happening in your state, certainly.
And that's not to blame the people who are there. It's a desperate situation. But I guess, you know, who can -- I mean, no one seems to be taking responsibility. I mean, I know you say there's a time and a place for, kind of, you know, looking back, but this seems to be the time and the place. I mean, there are people who want answers, and there are people who want someone to stand up and say, "You know what? We should have done more. Are all the assets being brought to bare?"

LANDRIEU: Anderson, Anderson...

COOPER: I mean, today, for the first time, I'm seeing National Guard troops in this town.

LANDRIEU: Anderson, I know. And I know where you are. And I know what you're seeing. Believe me, we know it. And we understand, and there will be a time to talk about all of that. Trust me.
I know what the people are suffering. The governor knows. The president knows. The military officials know. And they're trying to do the very best they can to stabilize the situation. Senator Vitter, our congressional delegation, all of us understand what is happening. We are doing our very, very best to get the situation under control. But I want to thank the president. He will be here tomorrow, we think. And the military is sending assets as we speak. So, please, I understand. You might say I'm a politician, but I grew up in New Orleans. My father was the mayor of that city. I've represented that city my whole life, and it's just not New Orleans. It's St. Bernard, and St. Tammany, and Plaquemines Parish that have been completely underwater. Our levee system has failed. We need a lot of help. And the Congress has been wonderful to help us, and we need more help. Nobody's perfect, Anderson. Everybody has to stand up here. And I know you understand. So thank you so much for everything you're doing.

COOPER: Well, I appreciate you joining us on the program tonight. I can only imagine how busy you are. Thank you very much, Senator Landrieu.

LANDRIEU: Thank you, Anderson. Thank you so much. Thank you.

At the end of the interview Mary Landrieu looked like she had been hit with a bat.

It was one of the best media moments I have ever seen.

Thank you Anderson Cooper for having courage and passion and for giving voice to those who cannot speak out.

Crooks and Liars have the video.