Saturday, November 26, 2005

One of my favorite books as a child

Everybody play nice

My wife, my son, and I are leaving tomorrow, at a frighteningly early hour, for sunny Orlando. We will be gone for a (hopefully) relaxing week. We're going to worship the Mouse and lay about like slugs. I will leave a couple of open posts for everyone to chat. Everybody stay safe, I'll be back next week.

Flash of genius??????


I'm just fascinated. I thought religion was the only thing that could make people see the world in such a screwed up way. Not so. Apparently politics is giving religion a run for it's money as far as inspiring delusions.

This from Blogs For Bush:

We could have, had we wanted to, invaded the entire Arab/Moslem world after 9/11...we could have made this a definitive clash of civilizations and a bloody fight to the death between Islam and the West. Indeed, many of us probably wanted that...I, in fact, harbored such anger and resentment in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 that I was, God help me, prepared to support all manner of horrors upon the Arab/Moslem world. Fortunately for our country and the world, the man in charge - President Bush - is a Christian in fact as well as in name and he thought better of it all. I don't know whether it was a flash of genius or something he carefully thought out, but however he came upon it, President Bush got it exactly right...go in there and start the avalanche of liberty. Trust to the innate good sense of all peoples to exercise their God-given rights properly when given a chance. At bottom, that is what the Bush Doctrine is: support liberty because free people will make the right choice.

I don't know which is worse. Being thankful Bush is a "Christian in fact as well as in name" or using the words "flash of genius" to describe anything in relation to that moron.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Left Behind


I thought I would share with you one of my favorite things.

A few months back I stumbled across a blog called Slacktivist. It's well written and offers the point of view of a liberal Christian, a very strange creature not often found here in the Bible Belt.

For me the highlight and what keeps me coming back are the Left Behind Fridays. Slacktivist is deconstructing, chapter by chapter, the first book of the horrid Left Behind series.

If you aren't familiar with the Left Behind phenomenon, it's a series of books about the "Rapture" and it's aftermath here on earth for those that, you guessed it, get left behind.
They are written in a rambling and numbingly stupid style by Timothy LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. To say these guys are bad writers is an insult to bad writers everywhere. Their theology is that mean-spirited, praying-for-the-end-of-the-world-so-all-you-sinners-will-be-punished-while-we-laugh-and-say-I-told-you-so sort of bullshit that I was raised to believe in.

These guys have made hundreds of millions of dollars writing this drivel. Oddly enough the sales are best here in the south. Go figure.

The Slacktivist takes these guys apart in ways that are nothing short of hilarious. I am posting a link to the Left Behind archives at Slacktivist that go all the way back to the first chapter. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enjoy.

Dick Cheney relaxing during the holidays

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

JMF is the Man


Thank you
to JMF for the redesign of the Green September banner. It looks infinitely better than the one I had scrawled.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blue Sky Days


A bloody red line through history.
Spiraling back on itself, leading
to the same old men in the same
dark rooms, stinking of the twin
opiates: power and fear

Presidents, activists, the guilty,
and the innocent. Cut down in
a harvest that feeds our monster
selves and lets us know that we
will be OK

Leading to that bitter blue sky
day in which the earth itself shifted
and released demons that will never
again be chained. A thousand blue
sky days in a land we all should call home,
and still the bloody line spirals

Back to Dallas. Back to Memphis.
Words: gunmen, conspiracy, cover up
Words that do not tell the horrible
facts that the land of the free doesn't
really want to know

Did the spiral end on that smoky
pile of peoplebrickspaper in the
city where my ancestors first
breathed freedom? Will the
stink of unnecessary corpses reach
into the souls of that great silent

How much, how far, how wrong
can we make it. Stand alone against
the monsters in men's skin and you
spend the rest of your blue sky days
in a box with bars, dreaming that you
are not there

In the end, the bloody red line
protects us all. Goodcheapplenty
are those things we have. But yet
the glimmer remains. In the hearts
and minds of those who want to bring
down the beast, there is only thirst
neither wine nor water can quench

We know. We know.

What you did. How you did it.
What you planned.
How you hid it. We know it all.
we have glimpsed the red line
running through our history
and we cannot unsee it. No
matter how far, how high,
how numb we make ourselves,

always the red line

Afraid. Afraid to miss the smell of
her hair and his trusting, grasping
hands that want to feel the whole world.
Afraid of life in box. Been a prisoner
and will never go back. Better to slip
loose the coil than miss the blue sky

Like the shadow of a shadow is
the true history of God's country.
You liars! You teachers never
told me the truth! You send generations
into a world that does not exist except in
glowing boxes and in flattering words
that are not true. YOU! You smug
monsters with facts that aren't facts
and words that cannot live without

Spiraling. That red line. In my head.
South Tower, magic bullet, patsy,
terrorists, impossible bullet angles
in the crowded kitchen, an old man
dying in a prison, about to meet his
god, but still swearing innocence.
My Lai, Abu Ghraib, and the filthy
waters of New Orleans

The sky darkens. No blue is to be
seen. As dark over rich or poor
Dark north, dark west. Only a
matter of how much blood and time
before we take it back. Hands shaking
when I realize that even the winners,
even those with the truth will end up
in a box with bars or a box with handles

For their sins. For pointing out the
bloody red line. For daring to stand
and be free

As the dawn breaks and a cleansing
rain waters the ground full of the fallen

As smoke and tears blot out
the rest of our blue sky days

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Damn hippy protestors, this is all your fault


Oh my freaking God!!

I was wrong. I thought Hitchens was as mad and deluded as you can get.

Not so. This from The Anchoress :

Right now, the insurgents are being vastly encouraged by what they read coming out of the mouths of Democrats and reporters, and even, sadly the Republicans. The message they are being given is: Just be patient. Just hold out a little while, and America will be gone, and you will re-gain control.

You who want to play politics with this war, wishing to abandon the people of Iraq merely to shame a president you hate and do a bit of crowing, just be ready to take responsibility for what comes after. Understand that when the inevitable deaths occur in Iraq, and elsewhere, at the hands of these insurgents, and at the hands of a rejuvenated Al Qaeda, that the blood of every victim thereafter will then be on your heads, as will the blood of all 2065 of our service people whose sacrifice will be rendered meaningless by your action.

If America pulls out without victory - without the Iraqis being capable of defending themselves - then every death from insurgents or terrorists - all over the world - will have to be a death counted upon the heads of those who would not allow a serious War on Terror to continue and succeed, simply because to do so would “reflect too well” on a man they hate.

That's right my friends. Just like Vietnam, the tree-hugging hippy Left has caused the debacle in Iraq.

Things would be just fine if we would stop questioning Bush and stop listening to bad news.




They really don't have a lot left.

The right appears to be running on fumes and like the President they support, it seems many of them are hitting the bottle quite heavily.

A case in point is Christopher Hitchens' disjointed rant this week:

I still don't know who Hitchens is trying to convince of what in this article, but the money shot is in the last paragraph. This is, without a doubt, the stupidest, most sociopathic statement I have yet seen from the Warmongers:

We can now certify Iraq as disarmed, even if the materials once declared by the Saddam regime and never accounted for have still not been found. Why does this certified disarmament upset people so much?

Why, Christopher?

Perhaps it's the tens of thousands of dead and mutilated Iraqis it took to give you peace of mind about WMD'S.

Or the absolute hatred that the rest of the world now feels toward the United States.

Or perhaps the thousands of dead and mutilated American soldiers who have given life and limb to destroy weapons that did not exist.

How about the hundreds of billions of dollars( and counting) that have gone into a black hole somewhere in Iraq. Billions that could have been spent on healthcare concerns here at home, or perhaps put into new projects for NASA. We could have already funded several manned missions to Mars with what is being spent to murder young and old with chemical weapons. How about these hundreds of billions going to education here at home. New schools, better training and pay for teachers, or maybe just new textbooks for schools that desperately need them. How about throwing a hundred billion dollars toward finding a cure for AIDS or cancer. How much research could Bush's blood money have bought? Would we have a cure for these diseases if we had chosen to spend the money like we are a sane and compassionate nation. We will never know.

How dare you. How dare you even ask that questions while the restless ghosts of Fallujah cry for justice to anyone with ears to hear.

Mr. Hitchens are you so removed from your humanity that you cannot fathom why we are so outraged? Can you not understand why the continuing slaughter in a nation that has never, could never attack the United States bothers some of us?

Why I ask I don't know. You won't see these words. I'm just a guy with a blog, you are a famous "journalist" and have seen the world and you know more than we mere mortals.

But let me tell you what I knew before the first shot was fired by American forces in Iraq.

I knew it was a mistake. I knew it would turn into a confusing and bloody killing field that would bleed our nation dry. I knew the world would see this as a wasted war of aggression. I knew George Bush was lying. I knew that the Democrats were cowards and fools for not opposing this travesty. Every Democrat in Washington should have resigned in disgust when the first American tank crossed the border into a sovereign nation without cause. I knew this. I waited for someone to stand up. During the "04 election I waited for that bastard Kerry to call Bush on his war. I knew it was a mistake for Kerry not to.

I knew exactly what would happen. Why didn't you and why didn't the "experts" know these things?

I ran across this article on a right-wing site that said that Hitchens pitiful work was "great, top to bottom".

Which cuts to the heart of the matter. The sociopaths on the right don't really see Iraqi casualties as actual people. They're numbers or obstacles to the brand of democracy and unfettered capitalism they want to export. Not to mention the fact that these are godless barbarians that don't value life like we do. The dangerous core of true believers reminds me of the Germans crying in the rubble that was once Berlin, crying because they had just heard of their glorious Fuhrer's death.

I don't even try to reason with them anymore. These true believers have decided to buy the lies and no amount of argument can reach them. I don't want them dead. I don't want them deported. Both things the right has suggested for us "traitors". No, I just want to take their power away so they can't influence civilized society. They can sit in their churches and pray for the Armageddon they love so much.

Ask the orphans and widows of Bush's war why they aren't just thrilled that we "disarmed" Iraq. Go to Bethesda and talk to the nineteen-year-olds who get to spend the rest of their lives with half of the body they were born with.

I'm tired of these twisted humans. I'm tired of the pain they cause for their agendas and ideals. I'm tired of criminals and cowards leading us. And I'm tired of the vain fools in the media who enable the horror all for ratings and filthy blood money.

They say the left is filled with hate. I am. I hate the strong victimizing the weak. I'm tired of money as the measure for what should be done instead of what is best for the fragile humans here on Earth. I hate the fear and greed. I hate their false and vengeful sky gods when true faith is found in kindness to strangers and the divine can be found in the simple smile of a child. You can learn more about God by watching a leaf turn toward the sun than you can in all of man's dusty holy books combined.

I don't hate Christopher Hitchens though.

For his delusions and for his fear and for his lack of humanity, I feel a different emotion for him and the kind of people he speaks for.

I feel pity.

Friday, November 18, 2005


It was then, that here and elsewhere in the pits
of Hell,the ancient rock was stricken and broke

But turn your eyes to the valley; there we shall
find the river of boiling blood in which are steeped
all who struck down their fellow man.

The Inferno
Canto XII, Circle 7

For Iman al-Hams.

May there be justice in this world or the next.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What rough beast, it's hour come round at last


Web surfing is great for insomnia. I just stumbled across this obscenity.
I've known about the phosphorus since Dahr Jamail wrote about it shortly after we razed most of Fallujah, and I know most of you did as well.

It's just that these bastards have now been caught in another lie.

Ahhh but wait

If you think that's bad.............

More on these later at a more lucid hour.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I was wrong, it turns out he is the guy from the Sex Pistols

I am belatedly posting a link to Professor Jones' brilliant paper about September 11.

Monday, November 14, 2005


He's still a motherfucker

UPDATE: Sorry about that. It wasn't a permanent link. I was oh so angry that the Motherfucker-In-Chief has the stones to say that those of us questioning his criminal behavior are the ones "sending mixed messages to the troops". He opened his mouth and that shit poured out of it aboard Air Force One as he began his Asia circle-jerk. I can't seem to find any one else covering the story. Bad Blogger! Very bad! Perhaps someone with a link fetish will run across one and throw it into the comments.

P.S. My spell checker suggests I replace "motherfucker" with "motorbike". Which is all well and good but "Motorbike-In-Chief" just doesn't sound right.

And oh yes, thank you so much to all that wished me a speedy recovery from The Creeping Crud. I am much better.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

It pisses him off when people ask him if he was the guy that played with the Sex Pistols


Steven E. Jones, professor of physics at Brigham Young University has blundered almost innocently into the September 11 debate. He seems to think there is something odd about the free-fall speed of the Twin Towers and WTC number 7. This is the second physics based argument I have read in as many days. The other (which I haven't linked because when I was reading it last night I was feverish and very tired and couldn't tell you who the hell wrote it, but trust me, it's as real as the breakdancing purple chipmunks that were on top of my monitor) reached the exact same conclusion about the improbability of three buildings collapsing perfectly at free-fall speed, despite the differing amounts of damage involved with all three.

I say he seems sort of innocent because he wants his conclusions to be peer reviewed.

Having had the experience of trying to explain to someone just how unreal the "real world" is as far as September 11 is concerned, I think the professor is in for a shitload of flack. At best unbelieving stares from his academic brethren, at worst.......

I wish him well and will be keeping track of how this plays out.

Check it out:,1249,635160132,00.html

Friday, November 11, 2005

Something has got to give


What will it be?

A dirty bomb in Seattle or Atlanta?

A chemical or biological attack against our troops in Iraq?

Anthrax in London?

Or maybe a suicide bomber on a bus in Los Angeles?

Bush, Cheny and the rest of the war profiteers are in trouble. Polls are down and suspicion is up, even the cowardly Democrats can smell the blood in the water.

In Duuhbya's pathetic speech today his great defense of his war crimes amounted to "Hey, don't blame me for the war I started".

It's time for something to go boom. It's only a matter of time. These guys need it more than ever.

They fooled me in the days leading up to the elections last year. I thought for sure a large number of people were going to die so as to give scared Americans a reason to vote for Bush.
I was wrong because they didn't need such an obvious trick. The election was in the bag from the start and they knew it. I had the thought even as the first returns were coming in. One of the networks was allowed into the inner keep where Bush, the smiling LauraBot 5000, the senior war-monger and the Quaker Oats guy were watching the polls. Bush was relaxed. Not fake relaxed but a few belts of Jim Beam relaxed. He was joking and having a ball. Being that he's a politician and therefore must lie to stay alive, you might not find it odd that he could fake relaxed when he has to. However, we've seen Bush's poker face. On the morning of 9/11 when it was whispered in his ear that the game was afoot, Bush had the calm poker face of Howie Mandel after a two week crack binge. This guy isn't smart enough to fake it. The fix was in in '04.

No, I don't base my suspicions on my observational skills. Do a Google on "election fraud" and read your little eyes out. I'm too lazy to do links. I'll be damned if I'm not coming down with another bout of "let me die or let me get better" cold bug flu thing. Hazards of the health care profession. After all these years I mostly have a bulletproof immune system. Seriously, Ebola would only give me the sniffles after all the crap I've been exposed to, but this year every germ out there has my name on it, and this time they're staying for a while.

All those ramblings are leading up to this: Something has got to give. These bastards are in a corner and they are the kind that bite. It's just a matter of when and where the big, bloody distraction is going to come from.

Open Thread

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WE are the law


Our country is at war, and our government has the obligation to protect the American people. The executive branch has the obligation to protect the American people; the legislative branch has the obligation to protect the American people. And we are aggressively doing that. We are finding terrorists and bringing them to justice. We are gathering information about where the terrorists may be hiding. We are trying to disrupt their plots and plans. Anything we do to that effort, to that end, in this effort, any activity we conduct, is within the law. We do not torture.

George W. Bush
November 7, 2005

Doesn't get much clearer than that.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pink with rage


Teri Grayum from Code Pink tells it like it is:

They hate these cars!


I must admit, I'm not very well versed in the immigrant situation in France.
From what I understand, France has a large immigrant population with high unemployment and racial tensions among the immigrants and French citizens have been growing for years.

It seems things may have come to a head this past week. The rioters, by many accounts are young, angry Muslim youth with a grudge against motor vehicles. It does not appear that the riots have religious overtones, it's simply that the rioters are from predominately Muslim countries and therefore they are mostly Muslims. Please feel free to point out any errors in my explanation. Very sketchy on details here in Murka.

As I say, this is all quite new to me so if any of you world travelers have any insight into the situation, please explain what the hell is going on. I don't trust the coverage of the MSM on this so I'm looking for information.

I had some nifty pics of burning things and riot police but goddamned Blogger doesn't seem to want to load images today.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

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