Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dead Eye Dick


Open thread for all things Dick.


  • At 11:54 PM, Blogger Again said…

    sorry, i hate that silence...

    united we stand

    Come on Democrats, take a chance: Can a political operative or two and replace them with a poet, a philosopher or even a dreamer, or at least a political operative who’s capable of appreciating poetry, philosophy and dreaming.

    Americans aren’t just about tax cuts and zero sacrifice politics. They do care about their children, and what sort of world they will live in. They do care about the environment. They do care about justice.

    America hasn’t lost its greatness. It’s lost the leadership needed to take it there. Needed — The Poetry of Persuasion

    (hope, you and the yours are well, Robert, at least as well as possible)

  • At 11:41 AM, Anonymous ML said…

    Again, I appreciate your optimism, though to me, American "greatness" is popular mythology.

  • At 10:29 PM, Anonymous b said…

    I got an mp3 called "Dick Is A Killer" sung by GWB. Haha either listen or download.

    Dick Is A Killer

    I used nofollow, Robert. Have you considered using as the prefix?

  • At 1:50 AM, Blogger Again said…

    Again, I appreciate your optimism, though to me, American "greatness" is popular mythology.

    actually, for me - you prove it right exactly with that words

    that's the reason why i beg Robert not to stop Green September, why i beg JMF or brenda or brain or the other few remaining "liberals" to stay here (if it isn't too dangerous for Robert), why i participate on the Last Chance Democracy Cafe

    because i'm a fan of Tucholsky and Sophie Scholz and i know that no nation's children are born as monsters - did you ever read Heinrich Heine or Immanuel Kant or fall in love with the analysis of a Banach or Hilbert or Noether? That's "German greatness" - and i will defend that greatness as long as i live

    for you as proud and intelligent American that bad situation of realizing that greatness always has a brother - a dark, egotistic, limited mind - is new: all over the last two centuries your greatness did win. So because humans learn by mistakes, your great minds need not to learn. But your dark, egotistic "Elites", whining since Roosevelt about their lost birth rights to have slaves and be pampered like kings, did learn with every defeat. They learnt what makes you, the liberal, free minded Americans, strong - and they destroyed it, step by step. With unbelievable patience, one by one - at last justice (Alito) and press were made to the whores of the new old Aristocracy

    and suddenly the great Americans realize that they are something like "alone" - i guess, that were Tucholskys feelings watching the Nazis win and win and win until being masters of nearly whole Europe. And that's the reason why he committed suicide. But the Nazis were masters of the world for the shortest "1000 years" ever - and than the Nation has to pay for her mistake. And we pay, believe me: the "typical german depression", the german attitude to "negative thinking" is just experience, because "positive thinking" is a joke when you believe positively in bullshit - because we know that even a whole nation and the strongest faith ever can be wrong, know it by experience...

    now enters Yin and Yang: in that dark times of realizing german "inferiority" the memory of Sophie Scholz, Tucholsky or Kant is like medicine for the mind. You need it in that times - need it urgently - and deservedly so, because greatness of people can't be damaged by the inferiority of others

    so never, never forget the American greatness - it will survive even when it is hard to find, it survives in individual people, in common people who stand tall for decency and justice even when it seems as if they are the last one to do so, even when they feel like Tucholsky

    there's a so great story on the Last Chance Democracy Cafe, how the single fight of a single man who never knows his importance saved America:

    Episode 47: I Can Still Remember Freedom, Part 3

    "Date: November 1, 2078.
    Location: Across America.

    In the first truly democratic presidential election of the century, Joe Carlton was elected by a landslide vote as the 49th President of the United States. He promised to serve only one term, a promise he later kept. “Americans need to learn how to do democracy again,” he said. “The cult of personality must end, even if, God forbid, it’s my personality.”...

    The solitary man struggled to his feet, the stiffness brought on by the cold made him move much like an old man himself. But as he brushed the moisture off his pants, he spoke again.

    “And one more thing, old man: You were wrong in what you said . . . Your life did matter. You made a difference. In fact, as things worked out, you made all the difference in the world.”"

  • At 3:09 AM, Blogger Again said…

    PS: ooops
    Stefan Banach was a polish mathematician, a real great mind "largely self-taught in mathematics; his genius was accidentally discovered" - giving us the great Fixed point theorem

    so you see how good it is, not to be too "patriotic" ;-), because you can be proud of the great minds of your nation and the great minds of your neighbor nations and the great minds of your continent (Newton) and the great minds of your planet (Chandrasekar)

  • At 3:29 AM, Anonymous ML said…

    I think of it as human greatness. To me, usurping an individual's contributions to bolster a ntionalistic notion of greatness helps justify abuse of power. Kind of like "Not in our name." Or the illusion of provincial greatness when one's "team" wins the Superbowl.

    The great achievements of (some) humans honor all of us, not any particular nation.

  • At 7:10 AM, Blogger Again said…

    The great achievements of (some) humans honor all of us, not any particular nation.

    yes, indeed - that's why i actually made no difference between Banach or Hilbert ;-)

    To me, usurping an individual's contributions to bolster a nationalistic notion of greatness helps justify abuse of power.

    but no one can avoid that (usurping individual contributions) because it is programmed in our brains. That proves, that it is (mostly) useful, since evolution wouldn't have supported it otherwise - "united we swim" is an advantage even fishes use.

    And it's ok to be proud of a member of the own group - as social organisms no human is great or inferior totally on his/her own. Even the greatest minds wouldn't be able be "great" without the help and experience of the others around. Look at Emmy Noether: one of the most famous and important theorems of modern (quantum) physics was stated by a person not allowed to learn and study - a women in the Germany of 1900. Without the support of her father she wouldn't have been able to give us Noether's Theorem. If Emmy Noether would have been born in another time or place, she supposedly would never had stated her great theorem. So it is not only her success, and so the group - supporting her like David Hilbert, advertising her courses in the university's prospectus under his own name or Paul Gordan, able to "allow" her to do her doctorate (many modern men would try to hamper her to prove female inferiority, isn't it?) - has the right to be proud of her work, too

    and i guess, that's the reason, why Mother Nature programmed us like she did - because humans can't survive on their own, they feel belonging together stronger than any other race. Schadenfreude and the complement "decency", malignity and unselfishness is a human "invention"

    and that means that working together must mean earning the credits together

    problem is that every coin has two sides - decency works only in informed groups, in uninformed groups malignity prevails. And because the group is part of the biological programming since maybe the first multicellular animal, group signals work much more efficient than signals "triggering" decency: you can make war with colors, colors of skin, of uniforms, of flags, because colors allow identification and identification allows separation - me and you, we and them

    put it together and you can see how easy it is to lead uninformed groups into war - but the problem is not the group or being proud of success of group members, it is the stupidity. Informed groups are decent groups, pride doesn't make them dangerous

  • At 6:26 PM, Anonymous UT said…

    Woops sorry..... a dick is a dick! I heard about that dick and this dick will get away with murder anyway.
    The US medias are going to make a big deal about it, like they dissent about it, but a Dick is a dick! Dick Cheney is blind in the eyes of US laws. I can't fucking beleive you are playing the dick's game.

    Fuck this Dick, and fuck Cheney, and fuck the US Main Stream Media! Oh.... I fucking mean it.

    Bush needs to be overthrown by all means. Bush is the dick.

  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Barnita said…

    Hello...I'm very sleepy and tired...and I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm on Skype and ICQ and Yahoochat.......please drop me a mail if any of you are too....

  • At 6:28 AM, Anonymous ML said…

    It begins: selling off US forests to pay the debts of US criminal ruling elite


    If anything, it should be given back to them local native Americans. How
    about selling New York's Central Park, and see how that proposal fares?

    State by state list of public lands for sale:

  • At 7:49 AM, Blogger Again said…


    Great Song Of Indifference (Bob Geldof)
    I don't care if you tear down trees, I don't feel the hotter breeze
    Sink in dust in dying seas, and I don't care at all...

    “In terms of the CO2 issue, I will explain as clearly as I can today and every other chance I get that I will not do anything that harms our economy. Because first things first are the people who live in America. That is my priority.” President George W. Bush 29 March, 2001. Will George Bush wake up to the weather before it hits him?


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