Sunday, April 30, 2006

Native Son


Native Son

By Bryan Adams

I've seen many moons through these wrinkled eyes
The years have made me old but they've made me wise
Now the white man lives where our rivers run

For now better days have passed
We walk the streets of broken glass
Our people vanished as snow before the summer sun
Like dogs we were driven from this place
Such injustice, time will not erase
All these changes cannot be undone

When you feel the anger inside of you
Hold your head high - let your aim be true
Though your heart beats like a drum
My native son

Once there was a time my little one
Before the wagons - before the soldiers' guns
When this land was ours as far as the eagle flies

No white flag - no broken truce
With few words one can speak the truth - I don't hear it
Time won't heal it now

With each new day that comes to pass
Will the great spirit free us all at last?
He said we were the chosen ones

For all we had there's nothin' left
We won’t forgive - we can't forget
You know that your day will come
My native son

With each new day that comes to pass
Will the great spirit free us all at last?
What has happened can never be undone

When I was young - not yet a man
The sun rose and set upon our land
We were the chosen ones
My native son

This song has been on my mind these past few days. As usual I can never say with much certainty why things get stuck in the confused jungle that is my mind. Is it the news of over 100,000 Iraqis displaced by another white administration? Or the African-American diaspora that has taken place in New Orleans? Or perhaps the continuing struggle for justice and survival in occupied Palestine? Ya Phalesteen, I have not forgotten you.

As my own life begins a new chapter here in America, I cannot forget the mothers and fathers watching their children cry as they are ripped from their homes and how bitter and helpless they must feel. My own life is a simple one and I have little means to help them. I can only continue to remember. Continue to write. Continue to hope. And continue to look for ways to help justice come for all those taken from their native soil and scattered to the wind.

Speaking truth to power, and then some


I haven't seen it yet, I've only read this transcipt. But it looks to me like Stephen Colbert knocked one not just out of the park, but out of the atmosphere. He was the featured speaker at last nights's White House Correspondent's Dinner. Judging from the outright venom on display in the conservative blogs, Colbert nailed it. Here is a transcript. Crooks and Liars says they will have the complete video available sometime today and C-Span is re-running it but I don't have a time. Along with Al Gore's speech from a couple of months ago, Colbert's routine, though a comedic performance, is one of the finest indictments of the current administration I've ever seen.

Thanks to The Democratic Daily for the transcript.

Here with a special edition of the Colbert report, Stephen Colbert.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Before I begin, I’ve been asked to make an announcement. Whoever parked 14 black bullet proof S.U.V.’S out front, could you please move them. They are blocking in 14 other black bulletproof S.U.V.’S and they need to get out.

Wow, wow, what an honor. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner. To just sit here, at the same table with my hero, George W. Bush, to be this close to the man. I feel like I’m dreaming. Somebody pinch me. You know what, I’m a pretty sound sleeper, that may not be enough. Somebody shoot me in the face. Is he really not here tonight? The one guy who could have helped. By the way, before I get started, if anybody needs anything at their tables, speak slowly and clearly on into your table numbers and somebody from the N.S.A. will be right over with a cocktail. Mcsmith , ladies and gentlemen of the press corps, Mr. President and first lady, my name is Stephen Colbert and it’s my privilege tonight to celebrate our president. He’s no so different, he and I. We get it. We’re not brainbacks on the nerd patrol. We’re not members of the fact niece that. We go straight from the gut, right sir? That’s where the truth lies, right down here in the gut. Do you know you have more nerve endings in your gut than you have in your head? You can look it up. I know some of you are going to say I did look it up, and that’s not true. That’s but you looked it up in a book.

Next time look it up in your gut. I did. My gut tells me that’s how our nervous system works. Every night on my show, the Colbert report, I speak straight from the gut, ok? I give people the truth, unfiltered by rational argument. I call it the no fact zone. Fox News, I own the copyright on that term. I’m a simple man with a simple mind, with a simple set of beliefs that I live by. Number one, I believe in America. I believe it exists. My gut tells me I live there. I feel that it extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and I strongly believe it has 50 states. And I cannot wait to see how “the Washington Post” spins that one tomorrow. I believe in democracy. I believe democracy is our greatest export. At least until China figures out a way to stamp it out in plastic for three cents a unit. In fact, ambassador, welcome, your great country makes our happy meals possible. I said it’s a celebration. I believe the government that governs best is the government that governs least. And by these standards, we have set up a fabulous government in Iraq.

I believe in pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. I believe it is possible — I saw this guy do it once in Cirque du Soleil. It was magical. And though I am a committed Christian, I believe that everyone has the right to their own religion, be it Hindu, Jewish or Muslim. I believe our infinite paths to accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe it’s yogurt. But I refuse to believe it’s not butter. Most of all I believe in this president. Now, I know there’s some polls out there saying this man has a 32% approval rating. But guys like us, we don’t pay attention to the polls. We know that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking in “reality.” And reality has a well-known liberal bias.

So, Mr. President, pay no attention to the people that say the glass is half full. 32% means the glass — it’s important to set up your jokes properly, sir. Sir pay no attention to the people who say the glass is half empty, because 32% means it’s 2/3 empty. There’s still some liquid in that glass is my point, but I wouldn’t drink it.

The last third is usually backwash. Folks, my point is that I don’t believe this is a low point in this presidency. I believe it is just a lull, before a comeback. I mean, it’s like the movie “Rocky.” The president is Rocky and Apollo Creed is everything else in the world. It’s the 10th round. He’s bloodied, his corner man, Mick, who in this case would be the Vice President, and he’s yelling cut me, dick, cut me, and every time he falls she say stay down! Does he stay down? No. Like Rocky he gets back up and in the end he — actually loses in the first movie. Ok. It doesn’t matter. The point is the heart-warming story of a man who was repeatedly punched in the face. So don’t pay attention to the approval ratings that say 68% of Americans disapprove of the job this man is doing. I ask you this, does that not also logically mean that 68% approve of the job he’s not doing? Think about it. I haven’t.

I stand by this man. I stand by this man because he stands for things. Not only for things, he stands on things. Things like aircraft carriers and rubble and recently flooded city squares. And that sends a strong message, that no matter what happens to America, she will always rebound with the most powerfully staged photo ops in the world. Now, there may be an energy crisis. This president has a very forward-thinking energy policy. Why do you think he’s down on the ranch cutting that brush all the time? He’s trying to create an alternative energy source. By 2008 we will have a mesquite powered car. And I just like the guy. He’s a good joe. Obviously loves his wife, calls her his better half. And polls show America agrees. She’s a true lady and a wonderful woman. But I just have one beef, ma’am. I’m sorry, but this reading initiative. I’ve never been a fan of books. I don’t trust them. They’re all fact, no heart. I mean, they’re elitist telling us what is or isn’t true, what did or didn’t happen. What’s Britannica to tell me the Panama Canal was built in 1914. If I want to say it was built in 1941, that’s my right as an American. I’m with the president, let history decide what did or did not happen. The greatest thing about this man is he’s steady.

You know where he stands. He believes the same thing Wednesday, that he believed on Monday, no matter what happened Tuesday. Events can change, this man’s beliefs never will. And as excited as I am to be here with the president, I am appalled to be surrounded by the liberal media that is destroying America, with the exception of Fox News. Fox News gives you both sides of every story, the President’s side and the Vice President’s side.

But the rest of you, what are you thinking, reporting on N.S.A. wiretapping or secret prisons in Eastern Europe? Those things are secret for a very important reason, they’re superdepressing.

And if that’s your goal, well, misery accomplished. Over the last five years you people were so good over tax cuts, W.M.D. intelligence, the affect of global warming. We Americans didn’t want to know, and you had the courtesy not to try to find out. Those were good times, as far as we knew. But, listen, let’s review the rules. Here’s how it works. The President makes decisions, he’s the decider. The Press Secretary announces those decisions, and you people of the press type those decisions down. Make, announce, type. Put them through a spell check and go home. Get to know your family again. Make love to your wife. Write that novel you got kicking around in your head. You know, the one about the intrepid Washington reporter with the courage to stand up to the administration. You know, fiction.

Because really, what incentive do these people have to answer your questions, after all? I mean, nothing satisfies you. Everybody asks for personnel changes. So the White House has personnel changes. Then you write they’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. First of all, that is a terrible metaphor. This administration is not sinking. This administration is soaring. If anything, they are rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg.

Now, it’s not all bad guys out there. Some heroes, Buckley, Kim Schieffer. By the way, Mr. President, thank you for agreeing to be to my show. I was just as shocked as everyone here is I promise you. How is Tuesday for you? I’ve got Frank Rich, but we can bump him. And I mean bump him. I know a guy. Say the word.

See who we’ve got here tonight. General Mowsly, Air Force Chief of Staff. General Peter Pace. They still support Rumsfeld. You guys aren’t retired yet, right? Right, they still support Rumsfeld. Look, by the way, I’ve got a theory about how to handle these retired generals causing all this trouble, don’t let them retire. C’mon, we’ve got a stop loss program, let’s use it on these guys. If you’re strong enough to go on one of those pundit shows, you can stand on a bank of computers and order men into battle. C’mon. Jesse Jackson is here. I had him on the show. Very interesting and challenging interview. You can ask him anything, but he’s going to say what he wants at the pace that he wants.

It’s like boxing a glacier. Enjoy that metaphor, because your grandchildren will have no idea what a glacier is.

Justice Scalia’s here. May I be the first to say welcome, sir. You look fantastic. How are you?

John McCain is here. John McCain John McCain. What a maverick. Somebody find out what fork he used on his salad, because I guarantee you wasn’t a salad fork. He could have used a spoon. There’s no predicting him. So wonderful to see you coming back into the republican fold. I have a summerhouse in South Carolina, look me up when you go to speak at Bob Jones University. So glad you’ve seen the light. Mayor Nagin is here from New Orleans, the chocolate city. Yeah, give it up. Mayor Nagin, I would like to welcome you to Washington, D.C., The chocolate city with a marshmallow center. And a graham cracker crust of corruption. It’s a mallomar is what I’m describing, a seasonal cookie.

Joe Wilson is here, the most famous husband since Desi Arnez. And of course he brought along his lovely wife Valerie Plame. Oh, my god! Oh, what have I said. I am sorry, Mr. President, I meant to say he brought along his lovely wife, Joe Wilson’s wife. Pat Fitzgerald is not here tonight? Dodged a bullet.

And we can’t forget man of the hour, new Press Secretary, Tony Snow. Secret service name, Snow Job. What a hero, took the second toughest job in government, next to, of course, the ambassador to Iraq. Got some big shoes to fill, Tony. Scott McClellan could say nothing like nobody else. McClellan, eager to retire. Really felt like he needed to spend more time with Andrew Card’s children. Mr. President, I wish you hadn’t made the decision to quickly, sir. I was vying for the job. I think I would have made a fabulous press secretary. I have nothing but contempt for these people. I know how to handle these clowns. In fact, sir, I brought along an audition tape and with your indulgence, I’d like to at least give it a shot. So, ladies and gentlemen, my press conference.

A video presentation of a mock press conference follows.

And reality has a well-known liberal bias.

Enjoy that metaphor, because your grandchildren will have no idea what a glacier is.

Those are two of my favorites.

Stephen Colbert. In the lion's den armed only with his wit.

He is a bold American patriot, and I salute him.

Friday, April 28, 2006

While in New York you definitely want to see The Extraordinary Rendition

What you see here is what Freedom Tower is going to look like when completed. Construction began yesterday and it's projected to be finished in 2011. The popular name is Freedom Tower, but the official designation, which really creeps me out, is World Trade Center Tower One.

Let that one sink in a moment.

How would you like to rent space in World Trade Center Tower One?

Or "Honey! I have great news! I landed that job with the so-and-so investment firm!"

"That's great, dear! Where will you be working?"

"World Trade Center Tower One"

It just seems like it's tempting fate a bit. WTC 1 will always, always be tied to that terrible day in September. I know absolutely nothing about how such things are handled. Does any building that sits there get that designation?

And Freedom Tower. Don't get me fucking started on that stupidity. We should choose a name that conveys all of the glory and grandeur of the War on Terror. How about Burned To Death In Fallujah Tower?

Or Weapons of Mass Destruction Tower.

Nope, too wordy.

Extraordinary Rendition Tower has a nice ring to it.


The Abu Ghraib.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Freedom to say what the government likes

Someone sent me this pic of Wenyi Wang after
she dared speak out here in America. She is, of course,
the heroic woman who interrupted Bush and Hu's
love-fest last week. This picture speaks far more than a
thousand words.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh God! It's just so wrong!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

A single small room is not a studio apartment, dammit


My great apologies for the light to non-existant blogging.

I truly don't intend to let our little playground to whither and die, it's just that things are still, and for the foreseeable future, crazy hectic in my life. I'll try to at least keep a few open threads so we don't wind up stepping all over our topics. You guys feel free to start your own topics or discussions here. My place is yours and all that.

We've sold the house and we close on May 5. Got just enough to basically break even after evrybody gets paid off, so at least there's that.

I'm apartment hunting and that's just oh so fun.

Getting to spend plenty of time with my highly mobile and entirely fearless little man. I swear they put rocket fuel in his peas. Yes, he's decided the sun rises and sets in green peas. A small awwww story. I went to see him at his grandmother's yesterday before I went to work. The local PBS was playing one of his favorites, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and as the opening credits start to roll, he climbs down out of my lap, toddles over to his toy box and rummages through it madly until he finds his stuffed Clifford and then rushes back to climb up into my lap where he contentedly sockets his thumb in his mouth and snuggles up to me to watch the show.

They may say that there's no such thing as magic, but I believe simple moments like that qualify.

Everybody take care and keep in touch.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Oh so civilized


Today, I just happened to have CNN on in the background. They were discussing the Moussaoui trial and testimony.

The pretty, perky anchor was chatting with a reporter who had been in the courtroom during Moussaoui's testimony.

These well-scrubbed and well-educated ladies were expressing their horror at the testimony, focusing particularly on the lack of remorse.

To sum it up, neither of these oh so civilized "reporters" could fathom how and why the defendant could feel no remorse at the violence and death that occurred on September 11.

Putting aside that there still has been no full and credible account of what happened that day besides, of course, the "official" government account which has holes large enough to fly a large passenger jet through, these women and their ilk just amaze me.

They do not understand violence. They do not understand that their country is an empire that flexes it's muscles and entire cities disappear. Ask the survivors of Fallujah whether they are shocked by the violence of 9/11.

Ask the millions of nameless parents who watched their children die in Iraq under U.S. sanctions during the 1990's. "Collateral damage" is what they're called here in America. When Timothy Mcveigh used those words to describe the children and civilians killed in th Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, Americans were shocked and outraged. How could he be so callous and unfeeling?

Ask the innocent being tortured in nameless prisons, all for "national security". Ask them, if they ever do return home, how they will feel about the next attack America suffers.

Ask the survivors of families buried under the rubble of American bombs in Afghanistan.

Ask the children who watched their parents gunned down at a checkpoint in Tal Afar. Remember the little girl covered in her parents' blood? I do.

But that's the tip of the iceberg. Ask generations of Palestinians. "Never again" apparently only counts if you are one of "the chosen".

Generations. It still boggles my mind. It's a wonder there haven't been dozens of September 11-style attacks.

Now, the world waits and watches. Will we use nuclear weapons against Iran? All bets are off as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

The question is, if in fact the United States uses nuclear weapons against a nation that has never attacked us, killing millions in the process, what will we do about it?

America is already, according to international law, a rogue nation for it's invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation. It will already be generations until the concrete and karmic debts of this war are paid. What lies in store if we go nuclear?

A hypothetical:

You are a citizen of an empire. That empire has shown that it is willing to destroy entire nations with it's weapons of mass destruction. First hundreds of thousand and then millions of innocents are killed while the military-industrial-information complex thrives. The rich and powerful control the government and only approved methods (read-useless) of dissent are allowed.

In this hypothetical scenario, what do you do?

What can you do?

What are you willing to do?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Judas is just alright with me


My quick take on the newly un-earthed Gospel of Judas:

I was having dinner with a group of friends at one friend's house. In the background, the evening news was discussing the Gospel of Judas (Google it, you lazy gits) . This began a discussion about the new Gospel and the Bible in general. Now some of my friends are Christians and in such situations, unless asked a direct question, I usually remain silent on my contempt for religion and my love for all things evil (just kidding....... or am I?) . It's just easier and makes for a more comfortable environment if I'm not questioning the emotional maturity or IQ of the believers in the room, which is where that conversation inevitably leads when you boil it down.

However, one brave soul asked what I thought about the "new" Gospel. Uncomfortable silence descended as I weighed my response carefully. For the most part, everyone present knew what high esteem I held the Scriptures, and I'm sure there were visions of profanity, blasphemy, and me with a Powerpoint presentation proving how historically fucked the whole thing is.

However, in a moment that convinces me that I may yet have a future in politics, I thought carefully and weighed my words.

"I believe that the Gospel of Judas is every bit as authentic as all of the other Gospels", I said with an innocent smile.

My hosts, sincere Christians, looked surprised and relieved.

Then they thought about what I had just said.

Then they looked angry.

I simply smiled and continued eating.

Gospel of Judas, my ass.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Need breathing room


This post is a spacer so that my damn Mars pictures will display correctly.

Red Planet

These are images of Mars from the new Hugh Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera. A lot of things seem very ugly these days. It's good to remember hope and beauty.

No shame, no regrets


The War Crimes Confession of Condi Rice

Written by Chris Floyd

Tuesday, 04 April 2006
The incomparable Robert Parry puts Condi Rice clearly in the frame for war crimes after her extraordinary confessions during her trip to the UK last week -- confessions that have been entirely ignored by the US press. While there was a brief flurry over her casual remark about "thousands of tactical mistakes" in Iraq, no one but Parry caught her admission -- nay, her boast -- that the Bush Regime's policy in Iraq was an open, deliberate, carefully considered violation of the Nuremberg-based laws against aggressive war: principles articulated most forcefully by America's own representative to that international tribunal, and which were later incorporated into the UN Charter.

As Parry notes, Rice confessed that the Bush Administration launched an unprovoked invasion and occupation of Iraq to effect a unilateral "regime change" for political and ideological purposes -- the same crime for which the Hitler Administration was justly condemned at Nuremberg. This action was and is illegal under the Nuremberg principles, the UN Charter and United States law.

The implications of all this are unavoidable. Americans are now living under a criminal regime, a rogue junta that no longer feels the need to disguise its criminality. Hence Rice's confession; hence Bush's confession about illegal wiretapping of American citizens; hence the Administration's bold protestations in open court that the president cannot be bound by any act of Congress or judicial ruling in carrying out his "inherent" powers as Commander-in-Chief; hence the Supreme Court's craven kowtowing to this presidential dictatorship in its ruling yesterday in the Padilla case, when the Justices simply refused to address the issue of Padilla's years-long "indefinite detention without any formal charges or, for 20 months, any contact with the outside world.

But worse than all this is the sickening, despairing fact that the American Establishment -- Democrats and Republicans, media barons and financial chieftains, military officers and academic leaders, the courts and Congress -- all have countenanced and embraced this open tyranny. There are simply no institutional forces with any power willing to stand up against the dictatorship. Nor have the American people moved in sufficient mass to present a credible challenge to the enemies of liberty.

These are in many ways the darkest days in American history. Even in the Civil War, there was no real question that the Republic itself would survive -- even if in a reduced territory, had the slaveholding aristocracy that drove the Southern succession triumphed in the war. But now it seems that the Republic is well and truly dead, in every state of the Union, from sea to shining sea.

Excerpts from Parry's story are below.

[Excerpt]: On March 31 in remarks to a group of British foreign policy experts, Rice justified the U.S.-led invasion by saying that otherwise Iraqi President Saddam Hussein “wasn’t going anywhere” and “you were not going to have a different Middle East with Saddam Hussein at the center of it.” [Washington Post, April 1, 2006]

Rice’s comments in Blackburn, England, followed similar remarks during a March 26 interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in which she defended the invasion of Iraq as necessary for the eradication of the “old Middle East” where a supposed culture of hatred indirectly contributed to the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“If you really believe that the only thing that happened on 9/11 was people flew airplanes into buildings, I think you have a very narrow view of what we faced on 9/11,” Rice said. “We faced the outcome of an ideology of hatred throughout the Middle East that had to be dealt with. Saddam Hussein was a part of that old Middle East. The new Iraq will be a part of the new Middle East, and we will all be safer.”

But this doctrine – that the Bush administration has the right to invade other nations for reasons as vague as social engineering – represents a repudiation of the Nuremberg Principles and the United Nations Charter’s ban on aggressive war, both formulated largely by American leaders six decades ago.

Outlawing aggressive wars was at the center of the Nuremberg Tribunal after World War II, a conflagration that began in 1939 when Germany’s Adolf Hitler trumped up an excuse to attack neighboring Poland. Before World War II ended six years later, more than 60 million people were dead.U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, who represented the United States at Nuremberg, made clear that the role of Hitler’s henchmen in launching the aggressive war against Poland was sufficient to justify their executions – and that the principle would apply to all nations in the future.

“Our position is that whatever grievances a nation may have, however objectionable it finds the status quo, aggressive warfare is an illegal means for settling those grievances or for altering those conditions,” Jackson said. “Let me make clear that while this law is first applied against German aggressors, the law includes, and if it is to serve a useful purpose, it must condemn aggression by any other nations, including those which sit here now in judgment,” Jackson said.

With the strong support of the United States, this Nuremberg principle was then incorporated into the U.N. Charter, which bars military attacks unless in self-defense or unless authorized by the U.N. Security Council
. [end excerpt]

Link to original:

Well, dammit


Despite my best efforts. Green September has found it's way into a search engine's database.

We don't exist as far as Technorati is concerned, I didn't list GS with Blogger's directory, and I sure as hell didn't ask Yahoo's web crawler to register the site, yet there it is. Type in "Green September" and we are number one on Yahoo's search.

I'm not really sure why it troubles me, yet it does. I mean, we aren't breaking any laws and in the very near future I don't plan on breaking any laws.......



We have had this forum where we can speak freely for about 6 months and I have quite enjoyed it. Until now, if you weren't a part of Green September or know someone who was, finding this site was quite difficult and simply stumbling over it was damn near impossible.

It may be time to pull up stakes and travel to a new URL.

I know, I know, it's a pain in the ass and I'm probably being paranoid.....

I will notify all of you well in advance if I decide to do anything of the sort, but I do want to know what you think. Different URL? Leave Blogger altogether like I threaten to do at least once a week? If you know a good way to cloak a blog or website, please, by all means, let me know.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Wild Anal Rage


I had to list these anagrams from B. They were just too good.

Ann Coulter - O Cunt, Learn!

Ronald wilson Reagan - Son Ron Wild Anal Rage

Ronald Wilson Reagan - Insane Anglo Warlord

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Is that your Homeland Security badge in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?


Jesus' General has a roundup of those wild and crazy guys in our government who like to have sex with children.

The graphic he has up suggests that there may be more than meets the eye at Homeland Security.

It's fortunate for the rest of us and our children that most online predators are apparently idiots. I mean how many times do you hear of these guys being busted using their credit cards with their names and addresses to view or purchase forbidden material online? Also, you would think these guys would get wise to the whole large, sweaty cop-pretending to be a young girl or boy-sting operation. Now, I don't make it my business to pick up youngsters online and I know about all of those things that cops do. Don't you think if you were looking at long stretches of prison time and life-long stigma as a registered sex offender, you would learn what the cops were up to as far as trying to capture you?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

He's got a purty mouth

Alabama, a state that ranks 52nd in the nation in literacy, wants to ban abortions.

Even in cases of incest.

The words "Baby boom" come to mind.

Beware. Blood-hungry giants


I stole this from Elenchus at the comments section over at The Smirking Chimp. It was too good to pass up.

What fun! Just to add to the general merriment, here are a few anagrams made up entirely of the letters of statements containing the "President's" name:

President George Walker Bush - Ruthless breed - wanker - ego pig

Bush Administration - This bandit is our man!

President George Bush - Oh - desert purge begins.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair - Beware. Blood-hungry giants.

President George Bush - He gestured! Big person!

Bush administration - Duh...I ain't bin smart.

George Walker Bush, President of the United States of America - Damn! Result is garbage - takes pretender to White House office.

George W. Bush - He grew bogus

Try it - see what fun you can have. Try Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh too!

Lawyer! I don't need no steenking lawyer!


Arbitration went well. I can now see my son. When I picked him up for the first time in a week it was like life flowed into me again and a black and white world suddenly had vibrant color.

I'm living in our house until it sells. I didn't realize how empty and silent a house can feel. I head to my little world in the basement and play my video games at full volume and it chases the creepiness away.

I'm happier now. Not overjoyed by what I went through, but better. No one ever wins in a situation like this so there isn't a sense of victory at getting most of what I wanted. Just a feeling of relief. In ninety days it will be official and we will be divorced.

Feels strange.